Despertando Jovens Talentos com o Conhecimento da Computação

Victor Ronchi Garcia, Dayanne Oliveira da Silva, Igor Goulart de Oliveira, Daniela de Freitas Guilhermino Trindade, Ederson Marcos Sgarbi, Luiz Fernando Legore do Nascimento


Challenges have been imposed on the formation of computing professionals. Teaching programming is one of the great difficulties in computing courses education. In this sense, some researches demonstrate the importance of programming education from basic education to the formation of programming professionals. Thus, this research presents an experience with the application of workshops using the App Inventor tool in basic education of programming, experienced with third year of high school students in four schools in northern Paraná region. This work was accomplished with the purpose of awakening young talents for computing area courses offered in the project operational area.

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