M-learning: Celulares utilizados como ferramenta didática numa escola pública de Ensino Médio

Ana Cristina Costa, Alice Alves Franco, Cláudia Valéria Assis Mota, Ricardo Jullian, Rejane Lúcia Loureiro Gadelha


The diffusion and expansion of mobile phone plans to fulfill the demands of consumption made increase the use of mobile phones by the poorest classes of society. This phenomenon is a global trend generated by advances in the means of communication. The constant insertion of mobile technologies in the teaching and learning process has favored the emergence of research focused on the educational system. In Brazil, teachers have some resistance to incorporate new technologies. The classroom is still the place to turn off the phone. This paper makes a brief reflection on the cell phone use in formal education, especially in high school, with a case study.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/cbie.wie.2016.575