Análise, Revisão e Aplicação da Abordagem para Inclusão do Licenciado em Computação no Ensino Básico (ABILSEN)

Máverick Dionísio, Débora Araújo, Alisson Silva, Sebastião Neto, Higor Santos, Célia Silva, Ariane Rodrigues


Contemporary society requires its professional skills that are not stimulated by the school. To encourage these skills, it becomes apparent the need for adherence to the teaching of other sciences also in Basic Education, the example, the Computer Science. In this sense, the degree courses in Computer are designed to train professionals that met this new educational demand. Thus, this research portrays an analysis and application of the approach to Bachelor of Inclusion in Computer Science in Basic Education (ABILSEN). The results show that ABILSEN can contribute to computer education, interdisciplinary, considering the current curricular context.

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