Experiência de Uso de Jogos Educacionais Digitais Individuais em Contextos de Colaboração

Rachel Reis, Carla Rodriguez, Kamila Lyra, Seiji Isotani, Érica Stamato, Reginaldo Gotardo


Digital math games designed to children of elementary school have been widely investigated by researchers of Computer on Education. Despite of important contributions to this area, we observed the lack of scientific studies which analyze the use of these games in collaborative situations supported by learning theories. Thus, this paper aims at investigating the use of Educacross platform games in four collaborative scenarios based on Distributed Cognition learning theory. The results achieved by a case study showed that the students developed other cognitive abilities (attention and interpretation) which were not expected by Educacross platform games.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/cbie.wie.2016.485