Uma Análise Quantitativa do Uso da Internet na Prática Pedagógica dos Professores das Escolas Municipais de Mossoró-RN

Rommel Lima, Stênio Fernandes, Lindsay Wagner


This article aims to identify the use of Internet in teaching of primary school teachers. It is a quantitative study, where for the data collection was used a questionnaire prepared based on readings of the theoretical framework on the use of Internet in education. The questionnaire was conducted out in schools in the urban area of the municipality of Mossoró. The survey results show that teachers use the Internet and know of its importance in their pedagogical practice. The survey pointed out several advantages but also some difficulties with the use of this feature, even then, teachers use the Internet at school and at home. There was the need teacher to rethink and resignify their practice, considering that the teaching profession requires continuous training.

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