Jogo Educativo com Tema Histórico: Fundação da Cidade de Marabá-PA, e o Ciclo Econômico do Caucho.

Rangel Filho Teixeira, Gilberto Pinheiro de Oliveira, Lavoizie Carvalho Guimarães, Tiago de Souza Araújo, Manoel Ribeiro Filho


This paper presents an educational game with historical theme about the foundation of Marabá city, in Pará state, and its first economic cycle, the rubber cycle. The game has two phases: Phase 1 occurring in the Pontal area (between of Itacaiúnas and Tocantins rivers ) , where the mission will be reforested with trees of rubber ; and phase 2 that occurs in the between of the streets 27 de Março and Quintino Bocaiúva, where the mission will be to build a new "Casa Marabá". Throughout the game will have as main objective to obtain "information bonus." This paper describes the game -making process highlighting the educational and entertaining aspects, as well as the results of the use of it by students of various classes of 8th year of basic school in Amazonian Studies discipline, which is part of schools curriculums of Pará state.

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