O Ensino de Algoritmos e Lógica de Programação como uma Ferramenta Pedagógica para Auxiliar a Aprendizagem de Matemática: Um Relato de Experiência

Claudivan Cruz Lopes, Maria do Socorro dos Santos Guedes Duarte, Enos Andrade Diniz Sousa, Rakel Pereira de Souza, Isolda Bezerra Pereira


The learning of algorithms and programming logic (APL) is essential for the improvement of the logical reasoning and for the ability to solve problems. Nevertheless, the teaching of APL has been little exploited as a pedagogical tool that can help the learning of mathematics and improve the ability to solve math problems. This article reports an experience regarding the teaching of APL to 5th graders, whose focus was the creation of programs that applied mathematical concepts studied in the classroom. The results of this experience indicated that the teaching of APL can stimulate the interest as well as improve the understanding of mathematics.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/cbie.wie.2016.41