Caixa de areia interativa: um jogo em realidade aumentada em dispositivo móvel sobre a água

Mauricio Lopes, Dalton Reis, João Paulo Serodio Gonçalves, Alex Seródio Gonçalves


Awareness about the management of water resources is highlighted as an important element of training in Basic Education. Since 2015, water-box project uses an interactive sandbox to deal with environmental issues, especially water. Thus, this article presents one of the modules of the research that is an augmented reality game and an e-book using IUT in mobile devices to deal with water issues. The project was applied with children from the 6th grade year of Basic Education in which it was possible to perceive the potential of the project based on the evaluation of the teachers and on the enthusiasm and involvement of the children with the game, more specifically due to the use of augmented reality.

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