Aplicativo de Aprendizagem Móvel utilizando Realidade Aumentada para Ensino de Língua Inglesa

Rafael Costa de Oliveira, Danila Silva, Flávia Gonçalves Fernandes, Luciene Chagas de Oliveira, Eduardo Chagas de Oliveira


The Augmented Reality (AR) can be a great tool in education. Currently, many of the students along the way lose the essence and importance is the study and pursuit of knowledge. It is therefore necessary to seek something different, something that is truly innovative to encourage them to study more. Given this, there is the idea of building interactive software, oriented education. This paper shows the contribution of AR technology for education and development of an implementation case study for mobile learning foreign language.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/cbie.wcbie.2016.731


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