Modelo de Visualização de Dados para Auxiliar o Professor no Acompanhamento do Desempenho do Aluno e Aprimoramento do Design Instrucional com o Apoio de Learning Analytics

Douglas Menezes, Renato Ely Domingues Silva, Diogo Florêncio de Lima, Isabel Nunes, Ulrich Schiel


The quality of distance learning courses is determined by an appropriate organization of material and learning forms. Therefore it should be taken into consideration, among other factors, the history of success and failure of previous achievements of the course to be offered and the specific profile of the new class of students. This paper proposes an information visualization environment based on the data of the Learning Analytics of a discipline, that supports the teacher to produce improvements in new editions of a course. It should also be possible to monitor runtime student progress and identify potential problems with the Instructional Design of a discipline.

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