Segmentação Colaborativa de Objetos de Aprendizagem Utilizando Bookmarks em Ambientes Educacionais Ubíquos

Rafael Dias Araújo, Taffarel Brant-Ribeiro, Hiran Ferreira, Fabiano Dorça, Renan Cattelan


Learning Objects (LOs) have stood out in education, supporting the teaching/learning process. However, creating LOs and their metadata is still an arduous and time-consuming task. Thus, this paper proposes a collaborative approach between students and instructors employing bookmarks to create LOs in Ubiquitous Learning Environments. A user study with 30 students using a real environment and evaluations made by three experts have been performed in order to validate our proposal. Results have showed good acceptance among students for the proposed approach and demonstrated that a set of fine-grained LOs with consistent metadata was generated, which may be reused in the future.

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