Um estudo de caso sobre um Teste Adaptativo baseado no conhecimento tácito do professor sob o ponto de vista da motivação do estudante

Sérgio Yoshioka, Alexandre Teixeira, Lucila Ishitani


This paper describes a case study about a Stratified Adaptive Test, based on the tacit knowledge of the professor, in two classes of Computer Network. After answering five exercises, data were collected from student's motivation. Thus, we sought for correlation between motivation factors, besides clustering our samples by performance to identify some specific behavior. Our results present correlation between Interest and three another factors: Probability of Sucess, Challenge and Dedication Time. Besides that, we found some benefits from the point of view of student's motivation and, although the results didn´t achieve the expected for a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), this method is recommended for classroom, considering the ease of implementation.

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