Processo de desenvolvimento do jogo sério Missão Aedes: relações entre objetivos pedagógicos, ludicidade e implicações de design

Débora Araújo, Ariane Rodrigues, Paulo Lacerda, Máverick Dionísio, Higor Santos


The educational games aimed at primarily educational objectives, that is, your objective is to contribute to the learning of students. The low acceptance for this kind of software, when labeled as boring and not fun, reflects the development process oriented learning objectives only. The importance of making the "learn by playing" pleasurable and fun becomes a challenge that should be considered to promote alignment between the objectives and the playful elements. This article presents the process of developing an educational game for the context of combat against the Aedes Aegypt. In its conception, the learning objectives of the game reflect cognitive processes involved in interface design strategies, for to promote playfulness.

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