Método de Ensino de Programação Mediada por Simulação: Um Estudo de Caso no Curso Técnico Integrado em Informática

Bruno Lopes, Walisson Duarte, Tiago Nogueira, Renata Lopes, Deller Ferreira


One of the problems mentioned in the literature in Computer courses is the high dropout rate caused by difficulties experienced by students in subjectsrelated to algorithms or programming language. Thus, games have been used as introductory teaching motivational strategies programming, allowed interactivity and creating new experiences in the teaching-learning process. So, to minimize these problems, this paper proposes the use a programming teaching method mediated by simulation. The results showed significant differences between the proposed programming teaching method and the traditional method. There was also best performance among students who used the method brokered by simulation when compared to students who used traditional method.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/cbie.sbie.2016.340